As the electric vehicle (EV) market continues to expand, the demand for DC fast charging stations is growing. However, maximizing ROI requires a strategic approach that goes beyond simply choosing a location. Stable empowers owner-operators to navigate this dynamic market with confidence, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that help you overcome key challenges. Here’s how Stable can help you unlock the full potential of your DC fast charging stations.

1. Addressing Inconsistent Utilization Rates Across Locations

A major challenge for DC fast charging station operators is the variation in utilization rates across different locations. For example, before using Stable, one customer saw some locations experience five to six times the utilization rates of others and didn’t have adequate data to understand why. This inconsistency makes it difficult to predict and achieve target ROI, highlighting the need for a more systematic and data-driven approach to site selection.

With Stable Evaluate, you can get a comprehensive analysis of potential sites using real charger data from nearly 50,000 chargers over four years, coupled with 75 different variables. This detailed analysis enables operators to accurately predict things like weekly energy consumption and projected utilization over a ten-year period, ensuring more reliable site performance predictions.

2. Navigating the Complexity of Incentive Programs

Rebates and incentives from utility companies and state programs play a crucial role in the financial viability of charging stations. However, these incentives are complex and ever-changing, making it challenging for operators to stay informed and maximize their opportunities. Stable Evaluate simplifies this process by including a built-in database of state, federal, and utility incentives, providing instant access to available programs. This integration allows operators to take full advantage of all eligible rebates for maximum ROI.

3. Data-Driven Site Selection

Choosing the right location for a charging station often relies on factors like proximity to highways, traffic volume, and EV penetration. However, this approach lacks the precision needed for optimal site selection. By utilizing advanced predictive modeling, Stable Evaluate transforms site selection into a science. It evaluates locations based on traffic demographics, trip distances, and nearby amenities, among other factors to predict things like how many charging sessions you can expect per week. This quantitative approach ensures that operators can identify high-potential sites accurately and confidently, in a matter of minutes.

4. Forecasting Long-Term Financial Performance

Forecasting the financial performance of charging stations is another major challenge due to the complexity of the analysis needed. Operators need to consider various costs, including hardware, installation, maintenance, and energy costs, while also accounting for potential revenue from charging sessions. Stable Evaluate provides detailed financial projections for each location, including a comprehensive pro forma that summarizes costs, revenue, and payback periods. This allows operators to plan and manage their investments more effectively, ensuring long-term profitability – and making sure chargers are built where drivers need them most.

Driving Success in the EV Charging Market

For owner-operators of DC fast charging stations, overcoming these challenges is critical for success in a competitive and rapidly evolving market. Stable’s solutions provide the tools needed to overcome these challenges, offering accurate utilization forecasts, comprehensive incentive analysis, precise site selection, detailed financial projections, and dynamic pricing capabilities. By using our AI-driven solutions, our customers can de-risk investments, improve profitability, and accelerate the deployment of charging infrastructure.

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