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Stable is where intellectual rigor meets automotive industry expertise, and where passionate people with practical experience can map their own career path.

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We believe in setting your own path. It's a part of our story too. From making robotic charging stations in a small shop in San Francisco to scaling our software solutions, we've always been driven by a passion for EV.

The potential impact is what's always mattered most. How can we move the industry forward—faster? We look for that same mindset in our team.

If you have conviction in the why behind what you're doing, and you love to challenge the how, then come learn and build with us.

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Our mission

All electric, everywhere and for everyone. It's what we solve for every day, and we believe it can't happen soon enough.

Climate is humanity's gnarliest problem. Every charger has to be part of the solution, made readily available to the people who need it.

We make it easy for organizations to build efficient, effective, perfectly placed infrastructure—allowing for high-performance charging stations that help speed electric vehicle adoption. This is a faster way to all EV and a giant leap forward for our planet.

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Our values

Unknowns are not unknowable.

Every idea starts with uncertainty, and uncertainty can be intimidating. We work to bring tangibility to unknowns, and understanding to today's knottiest questions.

Default kind.

Great paradigm shifts are hard to keep up with. We bring intelligence and kindness to our work, and empathy to a world in flux.

Understand, not understood.

In everyday conversations, real world experiences, and even data—solutions are often right in front of us. We find them by listening well to understand others, before being understood ourselves.

Done is just a state of mind.

For relentless problem solvers, seeking the next challenge is second nature. In a world of constant change, there's always more to understand.

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