Maximize Returns with
Data-Driven Site Selection

Choose EV charging locations with high forecasted demand, low energy costs, and strong government incentives

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Trusted by businesses deploying thousands of EV chargers in the U.S.

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Stable Prospect

Identify high-demand EV charging sites in seconds

Save time by quickly eliminating low utilization sites

Simplify site selection and focus on the locations with the highest potential:

  • Be the first to uncover large portfolios of untapped EV charging demand
  • Rank-prioritize hundreds of real estate portfolios based on utilization potential and incentive eligibility
  • Quickly understand the best deployment opportunities
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Stable Evaluate

Calculate ROI and deploy with confidence

Predict long-term site performance and ROI with real utilization data

Stable Evaluate analyzes over 75 variables to accurately predict site performance, using real utilization data from tens of thousands of public EV chargers across the U.S. This analysis includes:

  • Local traffic
  • EV penetration
  • Nearby amenities
  • Competition
  • Area demographics and more
Predict site performance with Stable Auto

Forecast revenue with one click

Right now, only 10% of chargers account for 90% of charging activity. We help you reverse that trend with 10-year load profile forecasts at 15-minute resolution. Automatically account for variables ranging from:

  • EV demand forecasts at the address level
  • Vehicle lifespans
  • Charging speeds
  • Competition growth and more

Choose tariffs with the lowest energy costs and evaluate custom scenarios

  • Compare tariff configurations side-by-side
  • Analyze scenarios over multiple time frames
  • Conduct advanced analysis, which includes subscription blocks and escalations

Why customers choose Stable

Leverage real utilization data to forecast utilization rates and load curves in minutes

De-risk investments and get up to 3x higher ROI with the most accurate predictions in the industry

Forecast EV demand at the address level

Accelerate deployment timelines by shortening planning horizons

Calculate your energy costs and demand charges with real tariffs

Tap into rebates and incentives like NEVI, 30C eligibility, plus various state and utility programs

Flexible solutions for any stage of deployment


Best for 15-200 sites/year

Features include:

  • Historical & Future Utilization
  • ROI Calculator with Energy Costs
  • Rebates & Incentives
  • Exportable Pro Formas


Best for 100-2000 sites/year

All Scale features, plus:

  • Energy Curve Exports (Interval Data)
  • Advanced Forecast Configurations
  • Bulk Actions and Portfolio Exports


Best for high site counts and custom needs

All Portfolio features, plus:

  • Feature Enhancements
  • Premium Support
  • Professional Services
  • Early Access to New Features

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